Friday, 29 July 2011

Day 1 - The Rest is Inexcusable

Day 1 - A photo of yourself and a description of your day.

Right so this is a picture of me ......

It was taken a couple of weeks ago, so it's pretty recent! I am not the most photogenic of people, so good pictures of me are hard to come by, however I quite like this one!

My day has been pretty boring to be honest. I was hoping to spend most of the day curled up on the sofa watching TV. However my brother beat me to it, so I spent this morning doing an online training course which I needed to complete in order to start my new volunteering role.

I cleaned the house (boring). Managed to grab a couple of hours in front on the TV, catching up with 'How I Met Your Mother' and 'The Big Bang Theory' both of which I love, but I do prefer 'The Big Bang Theory' I have a massive crush on Sheldon.

Finally, I plan on spending the rest of the evening, drinking a bit of wine, munching on a bit of chocolate and finding something good on the telly (or DVD) to settle down to and watch.



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