Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Organise My Life

Since I started college 2 years ago, I cannot live without my diary. Since I use an academic style one running from June-June, it was time to buy a new one!


So I went out to Paperchase today and bought this cute little filofax. I collect so much information during the year, like names, addresses, log-in information etc, so when it comes to buying a new diary I always have to transfer all of my information which takes a long while. I figured that with a filofax that information can just stay, as I'll only be updating my diary pages each year.

Its my understanding that not many people use filo-faxes or diaries anymore due to the invention of the smartphone. I just cant live like that! I need to write things down and then being able to look back on it. Is anyone else here the same?

I personally could not get through uni without a diary!

Bit of a random post, but just thought I would share my shiny, cute new purchase!



  1. this filofax is the sweetest! im a complete diary junkie too xx
    had a great time volunteering!
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  2. Oh my god, i could LIVE in Paperchase. The diary is so cute! x


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