Friday, 15 April 2011


Yesterday I had a day off uni for "self study" even though I have 4 assignments due in as many weeks, I decided I would bake instead.

Baking cupcakes is much more enjoyable!

I started out with these.......

Then after 15mins of baking, 30mins of cooling down, another 30mins of decorating......

Now I realise they dont look as fabulous as I'd have liked...I dont have any piping equipment for the buttercream, so I have to splodge (technical term) it on with a knife.

However I am firm believer in 'its all about the taste' and I must say they taste pretty good!!

Im going to have to be on the look out for some piping equipment, I would also love some cookie cutters too, I want to branch out into the world of biscuits and cookies. More specifically shortbread, which I adore!!

I really want to jazz up my blog, Im not quite sure how I do this, Im not very technical when it comes to the computer, Im sure it cant be that difficult though!!.......



  1. you can buy a cheap piping bag in Wilkinsons with a couple of different nozzles! I have been trying to get into baking more, have done ok so far but am yet to attempt cupcakes with piped btter cream because I know I'll get annoyed if it goes wrong! :o)

  2. your cakes look so yummy! good luck with all the work x


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