Wednesday, 13 April 2011


A playsuit I'd ordered from Ebay came today, I was never really that fussed on playsuits, mainly because it seemed a hassle to get out of them when nature calls! But also because I was never really sure how to wear one, which may sound a little silly. However I have seen other girls round town and other bloggers rocking them, so i decided to buy one, if i dont like it, it can always go back on ebay!

Anyhoo, this is a picture of it....

I guess the print is feather like, it's got some really pretty gold buttons, the picture is a bit rubbish so doesnt really do it justice.

 Its stretchy round the middle, which makes it easy to get in and out of it. Im not 100% sold on it yet though, Im thinking I may try it with a belt round the middle tomorrow and some accessories.

I also recieved this pretty necklace in the post yesterday, again it was bought from ebay for under £3!! An absolute bargain! 
It is a lot smaller then I had expected it to be, however I still love it. I think this and my Owl necklace have to be my favourite pieces of jewellery at the moment!

As you can see in my last picture, I have finally got round to purchasing the Barry M nail effects paint. This was my first go, I didnt quite get the application right and some of my nails look a little dodgy!!

Im planning on doing some baking at the weekend, so Ill be posting some pictures of that hopefully!!


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  1. thank you for your lovely comment. im now following you! that playsuit is gorgeous xx


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