Monday, 25 April 2011

Gifts from Japan

 My lovely boyfriend has just come back from Japan, he went to for a friends wedding and spend 10 days over there.

He brought me back some lovely presents, so I thought I would share them!

  • (L-R) Geisha Girl Bookmark
  • Ceramic Metallic Pot
  • Little coin / Lipstick / ? / Purse
  • Make up bag
  • Japanese Fan
The colour of the pot hasnt really come out very well on the camera. My bedroom isnt fantastic for taking pictures unfortunately or I would have taken more individual pictures of the items. Its a cream pot with gold metallic lines. Its really pretty. My bf reckons that its used in Japan for eating and drinking from. I debated whether to put a candle in, or keep it to store my make-up brushes. Ive gone with the latter. I dont have anywhere to put my brushes in, so this will be perfect!

Has anyone ever read "memoirs of a geisha"? I love that book, Ive always found geisha girls fascinating, I would love to meet one in real life. Until then I have this bookmark and the pictures my boyfriend took! Haha.

 I love this fan, I have always adored fans so I think this is probably my favourite present, again the colour of this one hasnt come out very well (complete lighting fail) the base is a light blue, and the leaf detail is a darker blue. I am already trying to decide how I could get away with using this fan in every day life. However I dont want to ruin it, so I think I could end up sticking it on my wall. It just seems such a sad existence for my beautiful fan! Any ideas???

Also I was thinking of doing a 'Jewellery of the Day' (JotD) post. Ive seen lots of people do Outfits and Faces of the day, but not Jewellery of the Day. So thought it might do something different?! Thoughts??

Hope you've had a good Easter weekend!!


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  1. I love the fan! I have a pretty red one that I keep displayed (fanned out)in our flat. We aren't allowed to put things up on the wall but when we own our own place it'll be one of the 1st things going on the wall! Deffo put yours up if you can - its looks gorgeous

    Jewellery of the day sounds like a good concept - look forward to seeing the posts if you go ahead with it :o) xx


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